Well, is this not a concept of the Christian faith that they take care of their own.   Nuture, care and teach all children, especially those that need more than maybe a single parent can give!  Something to think about and it may not be a socialist government idea after all. 


It is interesting, interesting because it has been said a thousand times that you have to be rich to be President.  It ought to attract a lot of people to at least consider it.

How the United States Stole the Brains of America


Where are the really smart people.  We all know people that were super intelligent in Middle School and High School.  Where did they go? 

The problem with asking a question like this is that the people that have the power to change this are already mixed up in the system or of the education system that stole the brain power of America. 

When you steal the brain power of America you take away its heart and soul.  Have you ever heard of the program called “No Child Left Behind”.  Well, as Ronald Reagan would say, in trying to help change the education problem in America it only helps to intensify and magnify the problem.  Because, don’t take the last statement out of context, it works within the framework of the existing educational system. 

I will address two problems in this paper.  First, contrary to public opinion the public school system in most cases is not the problem.  Society is the problem.  When the baby boomers were young.   A cause for discipline at school was a cause for some type of discipline at home.   Premise, ‘the school and the parents were on the same team’.  Through the sixties and seventies there has been a lot of progress made in the areas of personal freedom.  Not only that we are finding that parents today want to be friends with their children instead of parents.  That leads to great conflicts between the schools and the products of society, mainly the children and their parents.   Parents end up being pulled in two directions.  First, what is best for their child and second, what they think they need to be their child’s friend.  The answer is to spend more family time together, linking the family to their child’s success through the proper type of family values that will carry the children through their trials and tribulations into their own families.

Is there any wonder why children that are in authoritarian families excel in school?  While students in democratic homes can not focus on the tasks at hand.  And that brings up the rise of a sophisticated society in America. 

Many people will wonder what a sophisticated society is as people wonder what a complex personality is as defined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. 


Huckabee  The great news that we will get out of this election is the revelation that some of the conservative talk show hosts and contributors have been revealed to be not fair and balanced.  Not fair and balanced you say? It’s more like show me the money and who can beat Hillary!   

I listen to interview of the candidates and I hear questions asking Mitt Romney about what are you going to do.  (A great leading question allowing for the candidate to explain what he will do).  Then I hear questions of Mike Huckabee about why did you do this in your past, why did you do that in your past. 


This is obviously an attempt to boost one candidate and slander another candidate.  With the host entertaining the old ideas of who will win and maybe what can they do for me if they win? 


I hear the conservative talk show hosts talk about ethics, morals, and the constitution.  Then when they have the chance to really support someone that would be the candidate of choice.  They search out every exception to that candidate’s record and expound upon it. 


Ragon B. Steele

Why we should NOT lengthen the school year!


All of us want better schools, teachers, parents, society, and senators and in a strange way the students want better schools also.  The question is how to do it.  I think we must look further than political solutions to what has happened to our society and what motivates students to respond to instruction. 


The “evolution of society” has resulted in a different type of student than we were faced with in the 1970’s and the 1980’s.   The many changes that occurred in the 1960’s have resulted in students that are not motivated by the same ideas and strategies, as were students previously.  It is even said in some educational circles that the structure of the brain is different than that of students of previous generations. 


Some of the changes that have occurred in society that have changed education are.


  1. Children are exposed to mature and adult information at a much younger age.
  2. Parenting has been changed by a combination of things such as permissiveness, divorce and both parents working.
  3. Technology such as games and multi tasking reducing attention spans and students ability to focus.
  4. The lack of sociological and peer pressure on students to achieve.


It would make more sense to attack the issues that are causing the problems with the education program.  Before I go on, let me just briefly mention that the problem in education does not stem from poor teachers, inadequate classroom time, or the length of the school day.  The problems stem from factors that are being ignored or are politically inappropriate to deal with.


NOW why not to increase the school day!


  1. If you remember students learned more in the 1960’s and the 1970’s when the school year was 160 days long.  I wonder why?
  2. To lengthen the school year would only penalize the students that aspire and are motivated to do the required work in regulation time.
  3. The cost of lengthening the school year cannot be justified by the questionable improvement in the quality of education.
  4. There is no additional money allotted for the school districts to pay for the lengthening of the school year.
  5. Teachers, by an overwhelming majority are not in favor of lengthening the school year.
  6. Why not send the students that do not test high enough to a newly created summer school. This would surely increase their motivation to achieve much like the drivers license and the state reading test.
  7. Costs would not be limited to teaching salaries.  They would include busing, air conditioning, custodial, insurance, supplies, administrative and others.
  8. Adding summer school would put motivation and also in parents, especially if parents had to pay!


I hope this expresses some ideas in a logical manner that will be considered in the legislative session.  Please contact me if you have any questions.




Ragon Steele


Oklahoma Union Schools

918-255-6551 school




You know the only people that talk about Viet Nam are those that were alive during that era.  I hear people talk about the Viet Nam War.


1.   I hear reporters talk about the roll of regular army and the roll of reserves and the national guard during that period.

2.   I hear reporters discuss the issues of the era.  Most don’t know what they were. 

3.  I see the attitudes of the day being created by he misinformation that is projected by those same media people.


Now, a story about the Viet Nam War.  Most of us were college students or college bound.  At the time of the late 60’s and the early 70’s the draft was dictating to the youth of America what to do and where to go.  It was a true test of American values.  There was such a sub culture movement with the hippies, the anti war group, the Black Panthers, the anti capitalist groups, the anti establishment groups. 


Each of these groups had a “new set of ideas and ways for the American society”.  I remember that you went to college to avoid getting drafted.  I know that many of our High School Buddies went to Viet Nam immediately.  They went to Viet Nam because the United States believed it was fighting the evils of communism and its expansion.  In fact those efforts indirectly helped the fall of communism  in Russia because of the expense that the Russian government poured into the war effort on a world front.  Now, history will show that those who served in Viet Nam were directly linked to the fall of communism. 


Will the media of the world ever concede this fact.  No, it is doubtful, why?  I will give you one example.  When the Viet Nam War was going on I was in the middle of college, on a wrestling scholarship and wanting to win a national title.  All my energies were consumed yet the thought of the draft and the war brought me to join the United States Army Reserves. 

 I found out that in the reserves you could be a high school teacher and wrestling coach and skip the Unit Meetings for the winter months (during wrestling season).  Oh, my did I just describe President George Bush? 

 Do you see what I am talking about,  it is hard to separate fact from fiction because most people alive today don’t know what it is that was happening.  Make no mistake.  We spent many a night discussing the effects of all the opposing sides and philosophy of thoughts.  And………………..today we are suffering the results of a society that has changed dramatically. 


I would like to leave you with a paraphrase that a friend of mine wrote to me just recently!

Dorman wrote, I don’t know how I survived Viet Nam.  There I was standing as a marine in the jungle of Viet Nam and the three guys in front me were shot.  Then the two guys on the side of me were blown up,  then the two guys that were behind me were blown up.

I can’t believe that there are so many people that want to make Americas policies that have never seen the blood or shed it!


I will be back here in the next couple of days to express what it met to me and my friends.